Superfast South Yorkshire – Dinnington Ward Summary

The Superfast South Yorkshire programme provided fibre broadband infrastructure for 1,806 premises in the Dinnington ward.

Superfast South Yorkshire – Dinnington Ward Summary



The Superfast South Yorkshire programme provided fibre broadband infrastructure for 1,806 premises in the Dinnington ward.



A total of 1,707 premises have been covered for superfast fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) broadband. This type of technology is based on a combination of fibre optic cable and copper cable and offers broadband speeds of up to 80 Megabits per second (Mbps).


A total of 99 premises in your ward have been covered for fibre to the premises (FTTP) broadband through the Superfast South Yorkshire programme. These properties have access to some of the fastest broadband speeds available. This is a pure fibre connection which runs from the exchange into businesses and homes.



Business parks and industrial estates have been covered for fibre including: Todwick Road Industrial Estate, North Anston Trading Estate and Evans Business Centre.


Take-up of fibre broadband

The take-up of FTTC broadband in Dinnington is 70.2%. The Take-up of FTTP broadband 25.61%.


Take-up of fibre broadband is okay but could be improved upon. The Silverwood and Rotherham East wards are Rotherham wards with higher take-up.


Postcodes covered

S251YA  S251YE  S251YQ  S251YR  S251ZG  S251ZQ  S251ZX  S252AD  S252AE  S252AF  S252HA  S252JU  S252LD  S252LE  S252LF  S252LH  S252LR  S252LS  S252LT  S252LY  S252ND  S252NE  S252NT  S252NW  S252PD  S252PL  S252PN  S252PP  S252PQ  S252PS  S252PT  S252PU  S252PY  S252PZ  S252QB  S252QD  S252QH  S252QT  S252QU  S252QW  S252QY  S252RL  S252RX  S252SA  S252SL  S252SN  S252TL  S253AB  S253AD  S253AL  S253AN  S253AP  S253NQ  S253PJ  S253QA  S253QB  S253QD  S253QE  S253QF  S253QG  S253QJ  S253QN  S253QP  S253QQ  S253QR  S253QT  S253QU  S253QW  S253QX  S253RG  S253RH  S253RL  S253RN  S253RP  S253RQ S253RS  S253RT  S253RU  S253RY  S253RZ  S253SA  S253SE  S253SH  S253SJ  S254JL 




S818AU  S818AX  S818BJ  S818DD  S818DE  S818DF  S818DG  S818DH  S818DQ  S818DR  S818JR  S818JT  S818JU  S818JX  S818JY  S818JZ  S818LA  S818LB  S818LE  S818LF  S818LG  S818LH  S818LJ  S818LN




Rural Broadband Vouchers

·       Unfortunately, our programme doesn’t cover everywhere so we promote government backed broadband voucher schemes: the primary scheme available is the rural gigabit broadband voucher scheme and we want to help eligible residents and businesses access the funding

·       Voucher amount:

  • Up to £3,500 for each small and medium-sized business (SME), and up to £1,500 for each residential premises to support the cost of installing new gigabit-capable connections. The more residents and businesses that get involved, the installation cost is made cheaper or is free

·       Eligibility criteria:

  1. Your property must be classified as rural (DeFRA definitions D1-F2)
  2. Additionally, your property must not already be able to receive a service which provide broadband speeds of 100Mbps or greater. There is an Ofcom broadband availability checker can show you which services are currently available:
  1. You will also need to form a group project, as a single connection is not eligible - we’ve found this to be a challenge as it requires the community to pull together and support the project. It also means that one community member/member of the Parish Council would need to lead on the project

What this means for the Dinnington ward

·       Residents and businesses in the ward can benefit. Areas that can benefit include

  • Letwell
  • Gildingwells
  • Firbeck
  • Laughton En Le Morthen
  • Brookhouse
  • Slade Hooton
  • Carr

·       Laughton Common, Dinnington town centre and Throapham are categorised as more urban so are not eligible

·       A large proportion of the 1,707 properties covered for superfast FTTC broadband through the Superfast South Yorkshire can take advantage of the voucher scheme to upgrade to even faster speeds

·       Within your ward there are many residents and businesses struggling with poor broadband speeds and we don’t when they will be in line to upgrade

·       Full information on the scheme is on our website along with step-by-step instructions

·       We want to help residents and business access the voucher scheme and guide them through the process. We urge those who are interested to contact us at [email protected].  We’ve set up a Facebook community forum as a meeting place for local residents to access the voucher


Access to fast broadband is so important right now and I would welcome the opportunity to work together with you to promote the vouchers at the local level.

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