Homes 'fit for heroes' - East Dene 1919-2019

Centenary of Rotherham's first social housing estate

I learned of East Dene's claim to fame as the town's first 'proper' council estate as a first year pupil at Spurley Hey Comp in 1973. The information was shared by a formidable teacher called Mrs Dale, commonly known to pupils as 'the Battleaxe'.

Small of staure, yet large of spirit, Mrs Dale would smack - hard - on the back of the knuckles with a ruler (sometimes the edge), any boy who dared to cheek her, or who might try to disrupt her lesson through any other means. Such boys were quite numerous and outnumbered only by the amount of bruised knuckles in her classes. Happy days!

Now my knuckles have healed, I find myself looking back on those days with some degree of fondness. And I think that Mrs Dale, who I suspect is no longer with us, would allow herself a wry smile to know that at least some of the knowledge she imparted has stayed with me. Also, as a keen local historian I am certain she'd find the below of interest.

If, like Mrs Dale, you are interested in local history, or if you are/were, or know someone who is/was a resident of East Dene and who would be interested in this, please make them aware of it. And if they have any memories or stories to tell, I should be happy to chat to them at Mowbray Gardens Library.


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