New way to report crime in Flanderwell

Help us combat crime and anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood

Your Wickersley Ward Councillors, Cllr Read, Clr Ellis and Cllr Hoddinott want to ensure that your concerns regarding crime and anti-social behaviour are heard and that resources including Police time are made available to you.  They work closely with your local Police team and together we want you to feel comfortable and listened to when reporting crime and anti-social behaviour.

You can report crime in lots of different ways as outlined below, including posting information in a Police reporting box within McColl’s convenience store, Fleming Way, Flanderwell.

The Police box is secured and only opened by a police officer. A reporting form is supplied by the box which you can fill in store or take away to complete in the privacy of your home and then return it as soon as possible. You will find tips on how to fill in the form below.  

Some incidents may seem trivial, and too much trouble to bother reporting, but it's very important that you do. The police target their resources according to analysis of crime reports, so if large numbers of incidents are not reported this analysis will be incorrect.

You can also report crime by;

· Calling 999 (in an emergency)

· Calling 101 (non-emergency)

· Online reporting 

· Anonymously on Crime Stoppers by calling them on 0800 555 111

· Local Police Reporting Box - McColl’s Convenient Stone, Fleming Way, Flanderwell, Wickersley

You can find further information, including your Councillors contact details in Know Who To Call blog