Budget to 2021-22

The Council’s Budget 2021/22

At the Council Budget meeting in March 2021, the Budget and Council Tax report was agreed for 2021/22, which included the delivery of agreed budget savings of £18.1m. These savings are needed due to ongoing reductions in funding from Government, an increasing demand for services as a result of a growing and ageing population and increasing costs for the council in providing services.

Since the introduction of austerity measures in 2010, the Council has made savings in excess of £200m in response to the significant reductions in Central Government funding.

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Where Does the Council Get Its Money From?

The Council’s current budget is £236 million and is funded from £116 million Council Tax, £71 million Business Rates and £49million Government funding.

What Does the Council Spend Its Money on?

  • £63m on Children and Young People's Service
  • £85m on Adult Care, Housing and Public Health
  • £45m on Regeneration and Environment Services
  • £17m on Central Services
  • £19m on Finance and Customer Services
  • £7m on Assistant Chief Executive portfolio

The area of highest spend is social care due to demand.

Protecting the most vulnerable children and adults, whilst continuing to provide core services – like road repairs and street cleansing – underpins the authority’s budget to 2021/22.

The new Council Plan sets out medium-term priorities and actions, building on and taking forward commitments made by members to the Rotherham community. The plan is framed around five themes:

  • Every neighbourhood thriving
  • People are safe, healthy, and live well
  • Every child able to fulfil their potential
  • Expanding economic opportunity
  • A cleaner, greener local environment.