Advice for carers

Carers Emergency Scheme

If you are faced with an emergency of your own we can help you make arrangements so that the person you look after still receives the right level of care.

This service is free and covers all ages.

We will visit you and make a record of your emergency arrangements.

This will include the names of two people (friends, relatives or neighbours, known to the cared for person) who we can contact if there is an emergency.

If there is no-one who can assist then we will meet, with as little disruption as possible, the cared for person's needs.

We will hold the information about you and the person you care for. This information is completely confidential.

You will be issued with a key ring, mobile phone sticker or a credit card size card containing our telephone number. These should be carried with you at all times. 

In the event of an accident or emergency anyone finding the number will be able to contact us. Staff will look up your carers emergency plan and put it into action.

If you are interested in joining the scheme, please contact Single Point of Access.

Make a care assessment enquiry

Telephone: 01709 822330