Receipt of Inspector’s Final Report

Following submission of Rotherham ’s Core Strategy on 6 June 2013 Inspector Richard Hollox was appointed to undertake an independent examination of the document.

The Council received the Inspector’s final report on 30 June 2014 which provides his findings, recommendations and conclusions (and the reasoning behind these). The report concludes that Rotherham ’s Core Strategy can be found sound subject to the inclusion of a number of Main Modifications.

The Report, including appendix, is available download here:

Rotherham Core Strategy Inspector’s Report

A copy of the Report can also be inspected at the Customer Service Centre, Riverside House, Main Street, Rotherham (9:00am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday).

The Report’s findings mean that the examination is now closed and the Council can proceed towards adoption of the Core Strategy. The Council’s response will be determined in due course through a formal report with recommendations to Cabinet (and in turn full Council).

Core Strategy Examination Library

The Core Strategy Examination Library contains a list of documents submitted  and background documents which have informed the production of the Core Strategy. It also contains documents relating to the examination, and will be updated as the examination progresses. We have a full index of examination library documents as of 28th May 2014 available.

Hearing sessions

Hearing sessions took place between 22 October and 6 November 2013.  A further hearing session regarding the Inspector's proposed Main Modifications to the Core Strategy took place on 15 May 2014.

Consultation on Main Modifications to the Rotherham Core Strategy

Consultation on the Inspector’s Main Modifications to the Core Strategy took place between 7 March and 17 April 2014. All duly made representations have been passed to the Inspector for his consideration.

Latest news

28 May:

Following the hearing session regarding the Inspector’s proposed main modifications the following documents have been added to the examination library:

ED97 ID 832835 Note on Employment Land at Waverley 140515

ED97a ID 832835 appendix to ED97

ED98 Main Modifications IIA Addendum. Updated May 2014

ED99 RMBC letter to Natural England re ED98

ED100 Natural England response to ED98 and ED99

A note of the main modifications hearing session has also been produced. Any corrections should be emailed to the programme officer by 13 June. Please note that this not is not intended to provide a full transcript of the main modifications hearing.

The Inspector has indicated that the Council will receive his final report on the Core Strategy for fact checking towards the end of June, following which it will published on this website

13 May: The following documents have been added to the examination library:

ED93 Agenda for Additional Hearings with attendees

ED94 CS Main Modifications Consultation document

ED95 IIA assessment of main modifications

ED96 Council schedule of minor amendments

6 May:  ED92 Programme Officer's Letter to Representors regarding Additional Hearings

2 May:  The agenda for the additional hearing days (15 and 16 May) regarding the Inspector's proposed Main Modifications has been added to the examination library.  The Programme Officer will shortly be contacting all those entitled to participate in the hearing sessions

 ED91 Agenda for Main Modifications Hearing Sessions

28 April: Consultation on the Inspector’s proposed Main Modifications has now closed. All duly made representations are being considered by the Inspector and are available to view through our consultation website.

A statement has been produced summarising the consultation process, the representations received and the main issues raised. A number of invalid representations were also received; these have been made available for reasons of transparency. These two documents have been added to the examination library:

ED89 Main Modifications consultation statement

ED90 Responses to Main Modifications Consultation Not Duly Made

The Inspector has also confirmed that the additional hearing sessions will take place on 15 and 16 May. The agenda for these sessions will be made available shortly.

18 March 2014: The following correspondence between the Inspector and the Council has been added to the examination library:

ED85 The Inspector's email enquiry regarding housing targets

ED86 The Council's email reply to ED85

ED87 Cabinet minute extract 5 February 2014 relating to ED86

The Inspector has indicated that in order to address any issues arising from the public consultation on proposed Main Modifications, further hearing sessions are provisionally programmed for 15 and 16 May. Please see the notice which has been added to the examination library for further details:

ED88 Notice of Further Hearing Sessions

The notes of Matter 7 Hearing Session have been updated to correct a minor formatting error. The amended version is available.

14 February 2014: The Inspector’s preliminary findings are that the Core Strategy can be made sound provided a number of Main Modifications are made. The Inspector has responded to the draft Main Modifications prepared by the Council and the following documents have been added to the examination library:

ED79 RMBC letter to the Inspector regarding ED75 & ED77
ED80 Draft Main Modifications for the Inspector
ED81 Draft Schedule of Minor Modifications
ED82 Inspector's letter in Response to Draft Main Modifications
ED83 Draft Main Modifications amended by the Inspector
ED84 Main Modification Query Exchange between Council and the Inspector

A final Main Modifications document and an accompanying Integrated Impact Assessment are being prepared and consultation will commence on 7 March.

21 January: The following documents have been added to the examination library:

ED77 Letter from the Inspector to the Council regarding ED76
ED78 Email Exchange between the Inspector, PO and Council regarding KSD.6

14 January: The following documents have been added to the examination library:

ED75 The Inspector's preliminary thoughts on the Core Strategy and its examination so far
ED76 The Council's initial reply to the Inspector's letter ED75

12 December: The notes for matter 7 have been further amended and a final version is available on our hearing session page.

3 December: A number of further responses to documents have been added to the examination library. 

The Council is awaiting the Inspector's preliminary findings which will be made available once it has been received. The notes of matter 7 have been replaced with a corrected version.

22 November: Corrections from participants on the notes of hearing sessions should be provided to he Programme Officer by 5pm on 6 December.

14 November: A further document, ED/74 has been added to the examination library on which the Inspector is inviting comments by 29 November. Notes taken during all of the hearing sessions are also now available to view.

12  November 2013: A number of further documents, and responses to documents have been added to the examination library following the close of the hearing sessions.

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The Inspector

Inspector Richard Hollox BA (Hons) BSc (Econ) MPhil FRTPI FRICS has been appointed to conduct the examination to determine whether Rotherham's Core Strategy is sound. All correspondence with the Inspector must be made through the Programme Officer - no direct contact with the Planning Inspector is permitted.

The Programme Officer

The administration of the examination is arranged through the appointed Programme Officer, who is an independent officer of the Examination, working under the Inspector's direction.

Following receipt of the Inspector’s Report the programme officer is no longer in post. All enquiries regarding the examination should be directed to the Planning Policy team: online: Contact Form, telephone:01709 823869, post: Planning Policy, Environment & Development Services, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Riverside House, Main Street, Rotherham, S60 1AE.