Customer Access Strategy

Your experience matters

Regardless of the type of enquiry, or the way a customer accesses a service, we need to make sure their experience is a good one. Our customers should not need to know or understand how each Council department works. But they should be able to expect excellent customer service and things done right the first time.

Our services should be designed and built around the needs of our customers and communities. Which means involving our customers more and listening to their feedback so that wherever possible we continually develop and improve what we do.

We will:

  • Encourage your feedback by making it easy for you to tell us what you think about the way we deliver our services. For example through social media, our website, resident surveys and consultations
  • Listen and respond to what you tell us, take your views into account to influence change and make sure we tell you what we’ve done as a result
  • Redesign our services by removing unnecessary tasks so the customer journey is as short and simple as possible and you only have to tell your story once
  • Review the range of telephone numbers we use so that where there is a need to provide service in this way, it’s as easy and simple as possible
  • Be clear about the different stages of a process and the timescales involved so you know what to expect
  • Confirm receipt of your enquiry and keep you informed of progress when you have asked us to do something
  • Invite customers and communities to help us design and test drive new services/processes
  • Acknowledge when we’ve got it wrong and take steps to put things right as quickly as possible
  • Make the most of every contact by making customers aware of other services that might be of benefit
  • Encourage our workforce to think digitally and continuously look for ways we can improve our service delivery
  • Provide all our employees with the appropriate training to deliver excellent customer service and set clear standards to measure how this is achieved
  • Continuously review the way we work so we use what we have learned from our customers to shape what we do in the future