Customer Service Standards

When you contact us we want you to feel valued and we want you to receive a customer service that is of the highest quality.

The ways in which Rotherham Borough Council delivers its customer services is changing and we need your help to ensure that we can continue to deliver a high quality service that suits everyone’s needs.

You can make a big difference by using our website when you need to contact us. Using our website to make enquiries, pay for services and get information is, we believe, the easiest, quickest and most cost effective way to do business with us.

We understand that using our website won’t be possible for everyone and so we will continue to maintain other means of contact to help everyone’s needs.

Rotherham Borough Council is committed to providing a high quality customer service that is modern, efficient and accessible to everyone.

We aim to be a Council that is:

  • Welcoming, friendly, patient and helpful
  • Honest, equal and fair
  • Value for money
  • Easy to access and interact with
  • Reliable and responsive to your needs

We have developed these Customer Service Standards to advise you of the service you can expect from us and we will use these standards to monitor how successful we are in performing against them.

We will

  • Provide you with options as to how you would like to contact us
  • Support you to be able to access a service
  • Respond sensitively to your needs and reach the right outcome for you quickly and
  • Strive to get it right first time so that you do not have to follow things up with us
  • Identify ourselves to you so you always know who you are dealing with and what service we represent
  • Do what we say we are going to do and we will let you know if there is going to be a delay
  • Say sorry when we get it wrong and do everything possible to make it right
  • Communicate with you and explain our decisions to you clearly in easy to understand plain language
  • Value your privacy, confidentiality and safety and ensure that all information we hold about you is kept secure
  • Actively seek and listen to you and learn from your feedback
  • Treat you with dignity and respect and will expect the same courtesy from you whenever you contact us