A guide to your council tax bill

How we spend your Council Tax

Children and young people

In 2019/20 we plan to spend £65.4m on services for children and young people. This includes £38.2m on children and young people in our care, including fostering and adoption services.

Last year our Children's Services were given a ‘good’ rating by Ofsted. This is due to the hard work and commitment we have made to make our Children's Services better. We continue to build on that foundation, by bolstering our early help services, investing in education support, and working to keep our children safe from harm, including investing in services to tackle child sexual exploitation.

Older people and vulnerable adults

In 2019/20 we plan to spend £62.2m on services for older people and vulnerable adults. This includes mental health services, safeguarding and housing support. We will spend £24.9m on caring for older people, helping them remain independent for as long as they can. This will contribute to Rothercare – an alarm system which allows vulnerable adults to call for help or assistance at any time of day.

We plan to spend £26m on services for people with learning or physical disabilities, offering more personalised choice to allow people to live independent and fulfilled lives.

Keeping your neighbourhood safe and clean

Over the past year we have made improvements to your household waste collection service, including the introduction of kerbside plastic recycling. We are in the process of installing modern litter bins to replace all older, concrete bins.

We will continue to fund the 2020 Roads Programme, while £2m will go towards maintaining and improving street lights throughout the borough.

We are also investing in CCTV cameras to keep the community safe.

We will spend £2.4m on our 15 libraries and neighbourhood hubs which will give communities a space to meet, learn new skills and access online services for free, as well as loan books.

Helping our economy grow

Recent developments such as the opening of McLaren's factory on the Advanced Manufacturing Park and United Caps choosing to locate in the borough, joining the likes of Rolls-Royce and Boeing, have contributed to making Rotherham the fastest growing economy in Yorkshire.

We have budgeted £400,000 towards economic development and regeneration which will enable the Council to draw down further investment from Sheffield City Region and other funding sources to further boost our local economy and workforce. This includes investment in the newly-refurbished Rotherham Interchange and helping to establish the University Centre Rotherham.