A guide to your council tax bill

Rotherham Council delivers a wide range of services across the borough. These pages tell you how we spend the money raised and other important information.

Most people use a council service every day. These include libraries, street lighting, adult and children's social care, emptying of bins, recycling and leisure activities. These are just some of the many services meeting people's needs.

Because only around half of the Council's day to day spending is paid for by Council Tax, Rotherham has been particularly affected by reductions in central government funding.

Rotherham Council faces a funding gap of £30 million over the next two years. By 2020 the Council will have had to reduce spending by more than £200m over the course of the decade.

To enable us to continue providing some of the services that would otherwise have been lost, we have increased our part of the Council Tax bill by 2.99 per cent for the coming year. This means that a home in Council Tax Band A will pay around £2.46 more per month. 63 per cent of the people who expressed a view during public consultation supported an increase in Council Tax of this much or more.

In making budget choices for the coming year, the Council has prioritised services for the most vulnerable children. As a result we will spend a total of £17m more over the next two years on children in the Council's care than we had planned previously.

Despite the challenging financial climate, the Council will continue to deliver on its plans for capital investment to improve the borough's roads, and support local ward priorities. And we are extending free town centre parking on Saturdays, making 1,000 free car parking spaces available every week throughout the year.