A guide to your council tax bill

Levies and Precepts

Environment Agency Yorkshire Regional Flood and Coastal Committee Trent Regional Flood and Coastal Committee
Gross Expenditure 94,611 1,315,580 63,722 66,717
Levies Requirement 2,529 2,593 2,095 2,137
Total increase in levy 2.5% 2.5% 2.0% 2.0%
Council Tax Base (Band D Properties) 1,501 1,524 1,821 1,948
Levy paid by Rotherham Council £ £ £ £
92,443 94,285 17,726 17,992

NOTE: The Environment Agency has powers in respect of flood defence. The flood defence levy is spent on the construction of new flood defence schemes, the maintenance of the river system and existing flood defences together with the operation of a flood warning system and management of the risk of costal erosion.

The majority of funding for flood defence comes directly from the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). However, under the new Partnership Funding rule not all schemes will attract full central funding. To provide local funding for local priorities and contributions for partnership funding the Regional Flood and Coastal Committees recommend a local levy through the Environment Agency. A change in the gross budgeted expenditure between years reflects the programme of works for both capital and revenue needed by the Regional Flood and Coastal Committee to which the Council contributes.

Rotherham Also pays a Special Levy to the Danum Drainage Commissioners of £2,742 in 2020/21 (£2,612 in 2019/20).

Transport Levy

Details of the Sheffield City Region Mayoral Combined Authority Levy for transport which was set at the authority’s meeting on 27th January 2020 can be found at the Sheffield City Region website:

View the Sheffield City Region website

Pensions Levy

Responsibility for early retirement compensation payments awarded by the former South Yorkshire County Council and South Yorkshire Residuary Body passed to the Pensions Authority when it was created in 1988. However, the same statutory instrument that created the Pensions Authority made provision for the four District Councils to reimburse the cost of those payments on a proportional basis according to Council Tax Base . The Levy is the mechanism by which that reimbursement is achieved.

The share for Rotherham Council was £86,102 in 2019/20 and is £81,663 in 2020/21.

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Precept

Details of the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s precept for 2020/21 which was considered at the meeting of the Public Accountability Board on 25th February are available at the South Yorkshire PCC website

Visit the PCC website

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority Precept

Details of the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority precept for 2020/21 can be found at the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue website:

Visit the SYFR website