Member Portfolios

Cabinet Member Portfolios as at February 2021

The Leader (Cllr Read)

The Leader has responsibility for overall leadership of the Council and representing

the borough at a national regional and sub-regional level. The Leader will take personal responsibility for leading the drive towards corporate improvement, organisational and cultural change, and is responsible for the Council’s governance and ethical framework.

  • Overall leadership of the Council
  • Overall coordination of the Council’s response to Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Overall responsibility for ensuring the Council sets and delivers a balanced budget
  • Setting Corporate Policy including the Corporate Plan
  • Reputation Management and corporate communication
  • Corporate Improvement, Innovation and Organisational change
  • To lead on Standards & Governance
  • Overall responsibility for Corporate Governance, including signing the Council’s Annual Governance Statement to confirm the Council has appropriate rules, policies and procedures in place and operating effectively for managing its business
  • To lead the Council’s formal Conciliation and Consultation arrangements
  • Member of the Rotherham Together Partnership Board
  • To lead on City Region activity and devolution, including as member of Sheffield City Region Combined Authority
  • Customer Services
  • Community Cohesion

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Children and Young People’s Services and Neighbourhood Working (Cllr Watson)

The Deputy Leader will support the Leader day to day activity to allow him to concentrate on strategic issues. The portfolio holder will have specific responsibilities around child safeguarding, child protection and incorporates education, lifelong learning and the prevention early and intervention strategy. The Deputy Leader will also take Cabinet responsibility for the Member Neighbourhood Working model.

  • Statutory position as lead member for Children
  • Chair of the Children and Young People’s Partnership
  • Children’s Safeguarding and prevention and early intervention strategies
  • Family intervention, fostering, adoption and looked after children including out of borough placements; corporate parenting lead
  • Transitional arrangements from childhood to adulthood for young people with complex needs
  • Lifelong Learning and lead member for Education & 14-19 Strategy including early years, schools, special schools, and pupil referral units.
  • School catering; School place planning; School effectiveness; School music service; contributing to Children, Young People and Families partnership; The Family Steering Group; School Admissions and Appeals
  • Early Help services including the Troubled Families agenda
  • Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
  • Neighbourhood Working Model
  • Member Development and Member Services

Adult Social Care and Health (Cllr Roche)

This portfolio retains the oversight and all commissioning activities and provision of adult social care, public health functions and the interface with NHS.  The main thrust is to provide services in a personalised manner around the citizen and to lead on the integration of local health and adult social care services.

  • Adult Social Services including adult safeguarding, services for older people, a range of services to meet the needs of people with learning disabilities, support for people with mental health issues and dementia, and services to support people with physical disabilities
  • Arrangements from childhood to adulthood for people with complex needs
  • Lead member for preparation of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment with health partners
  • Lead for liaison with health partners to lead on the integration of local health services including prevention/early intervention activity
  • Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Health Watch Liaison
  • Public Health, including overseeing the Health Protection Plan, prevention and improvement

Jobs and the Local Economy (Cllr Lelliott)

This portfolio has an emphasis on delivering jobs and strengthening the local economy combining, as well as strategic responsibilities around planning.

  • All matters relating to Planning (including the Local Plan), Building Regulations and Highways Development Control
  • All matters relating to Transportation (including Transportation Planning, Transportation Strategy, Transportation Policy, Traffic Manager Statutory Duty, Public Transport, sustainable transport initiatives,  (including Traffic Regulation Orders in relation to the issues within this portfolio)
  • All matters relating to overall management of traffic movement
  • Economic Development and Regeneration Strategy and Services
  • Member of the Rotherham Together Partnership Economic Growth Board
  • The development and Implementation of Economic Growth Regeneration projects including Inward Investment and Business Growth
  • Town Centres, retail and commercial investment
  • Major town centre projects and development
  • Asset Management (alongside the Cabinet Member for Housing)
  • Advising on the Council’s bidding prospectus relating to economic and business growth schemes into City Region and national funding opportunities
  • External Affairs relating to business growth and inward investment
  • All matters relating to car parking (including enforcement, parking appeals and parking permits)
  • Blue Badge Fraud Investigation
  • Untaxed and Abandoned vehicle removal

Waste, Roads and Community Safety (Cllr Hoddinott)

This portfolio oversees issues relating to community safety, including most of the council’s enforcement activity, highways maintenance, and household waste services:

  • Community Safety, Crime Reduction and Anti-Social Behaviour Strategies
  • Chair of the Safer Rotherham Partnership
  • All matters relating to the Channel Duty
  • All matters relating to the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 (including “Protect” and “Prepare”)
  • Overall responsibility for Enforcement policy and performance (including Licensing)
  • All matters relating to Waste Management, collection and recycling
  • Highways schemes, repairs and maintenance including all highway inspection, design, network management, enforcement, winter maintenance, highways adoptions, highway licenses, public rights of way, street lighting (including design and build), winter maintenance, and road safety including educational initiatives, road safety strategy (including safety audits), Safety Camera Partnership, Pedestrian Crossing assessments, Local safety schemes (including vehicle activated signs and 20mph zones) and school safety schemes
  • Highways Asset Management Policy and Strategy, highway claims, highway, utility company works (including scaffolding, skips, events and planning) and vehicle access crossing applications
  • Maintenance of signs, bollards, benches, cenotaphs, street name plates, road markings, highway fencing and barriers
  • Strategic lead in all matters relating to Domestic Violence and Abuse
  • All matters relating to the deployment of portable CCTV
  • Lead on Local Flood Authority duties
  • All matters relating to Highway Drainage (including septic tank and cesspool emptying)
  • Environmental health, food hygiene, cemeteries, crematorium and mortuary services
  • All matters relating to Allotments
  • All matters relating to Traffic Control Strategies (including Traffic Regulation

Orders in relation to the issues within this portfolio), Intelligent Traffic Management (automated signs) and Signing Strategy

Cleaner, Greener Communities (Cllr Allen)

This portfolio oversees street cleansing and grounds maintenance services, including in parks and green spaces, culture and leisure services, and other aspects of work in communities:

  • All matters relating to litter, street cleansing and grounds maintenance, including mechanical sweeping and litter collection and graffiti removal, and grounds maintenance of green spaces (Streetpride services unless specified in another portfolio)
  • Representing the Council on partnerships as requested by the Leader, including Parish Council Liaison and the voluntary and community sectors
  • Social Inclusion Cultural Services, including libraries, heritage, theatres and arts and service centres
  • All matters relating to Leisure Services, recreation and sport
  • Development of events programme in Parks, green spaces and recreational facilities
  • The Food for People in Crisis and crisis loans schemes
  • Community Cohesion (supporting the Leader)

Housing (Cllr Beck)

This portfolio is responsible for the council’s housing stock and Rotherham Housing Strategy, increasing access to affordable housing and regulation of private sector landlords.

  • Responsibility for management, improvement and adaptation of the housing stock
  • Oversight of the Housing Revenue Account
  • Housing Strategy and affordability policies
  • Asset Management (in relation to Housing and HRA assets)
  • Planning for future housing needs (alongside the Cabinet Member for Jobs and the Local Economy)
  • Selective Licensing and regulation of private landlords

Corporate Services and Finance (Cllr Alam)

This portfolio is concerned with the proper and efficient working of the council and its processes. Specific responsibilities are:

  • To lead on day to day working of financial activity (including Revenues and Benefits), and to support the Leader in development of the Budget and Capital Strategy
  • Human resources strategies, policies and procedures
  • To lead on all matters relating to Legal and Democratic Services
  • To lead on the Corporate Performance Management arrangements
  • To lead on ICT, particularly on new ways of working
  • To lead on Internal Audit and Risk Management
  • To be responsible for corporate Commissioning and Procurement strategies and implementation
  • To lead on Health, Safety and Equalities at Work
  • To lead on Emergency Planning issues