Wickersley Ward

Wickersley Ward Report

Report to Full Council by Councillors Sue Ellis, Emma Hoddinott and Chris Read on Wednesday 30 September 2020


Our Focus for the Year

Covid-19 has changed life dramatically for everyone, including in our own ward. Whilst we maintain our priorities of working with residents to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour, and improving the environment, the last few months have seen us focus on working with volunteers and community groups to support each other during this difficult time.

We want to thank all the amazing business, volunteers, community groups and residents that have done their bit to help people, and we look forward to working with and supporting you through the year. We would also like to thank all those key workers in our ward, who have kept going during the pandemic.

Building Stronger Communities

Supporting each other through Covid-19


We have been working hard to support our residents through this difficult time. We've helped local people with shopping, collected prescriptions and kept in touch with those who have felt isolated. Sunnyside Supplies is a local food network that started during lockdown to assist with food parcels to those in need. So far over 600 parcels have been delivered and the group will currently run till the end of October. As local Councillors we have supported the group through organisation and a donation from our local funds. Cllr Ellis has also been organising a free book swap service for those missing the library.

This is on top of numerous casework queries from residents about services, care homes, schools. We have been available to help people navigate through these times.

Improving our Roads

We continue to respond to resident's concerns about speeding in our area. Though our normal community speed watches haven't been able to take place, the police have still been doing some targeted work on problematic areas. We have used our ward budget to pay for a new speed sign on Brook Lane and extra road markings. Consultation is also ongoing about reducing the seed limit there. We have also funded 4 Billy and Belinda bollards and 6 bollards around Sunnyside Junior and Infant School. Flanderwell school have received a set of Parking buddies with messages chosen by pupils such as 'Show you care and park elsewhere', to try and encourage responsible parking in the area.

Numerous roads that were put forward by us to the council's roads programme have been or are to be resurfaced this year, including Fleming Way and Markfield Drive.

Tackling Crime and Anti-social behaviour

Cumulative Impact Zone for Wickersley

Rotherham's first cumulative impact zone, which covers the Wickersley area, has come into place. As local ward representatives, we have been in consultation with residents for several months about the cumulative impact zone, responding to the concerns that people have raised with us.

The policy, which forms part of stricter Licensing rules across Rotherham for pubs, late night takeaways and other licensed premises, gives councillors on the Licensing Board additional powers when considering applications for new premises. During the consultation we heard from lots of residents who live in the immediate area of the pubs who wanted to see stricter conditions in order to reduce the impact on the community.

Tackling Off-Road Bikes

Silverwood Pit continues to be a source of complaints of noise and nuisance due to off-road bikes, quads and 4 x 4s using the site without permission. It is also causing damage to benches and wildlife on this site.

An audit with residents led to numerous gaps in the perimeter being repaired by the council, and we are urging the private land owners to do the same.

In the long-term we look forward to working with the Silverwood Heritage Group as they seek to preserve the history of the area, but encourage residents to be more involved in its stewardship

Improving the built and natural environment by empowering communities

Community Skip and Street clear up days

Loving where you live is important and to help residents several community skip days and street clean ups were organised. We hope to resume these once it is safe to do so.

School Eco Warriors
Earlier this we met Northfield Primary School Eco Warriors and were very impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment the children displayed to help the environment for now and the future.  To support the group further Ward Councillors gave the Eco Warriors funding to purchase litter picks and bird feeders. This summer they have won Environmental Agency Climate Change Champions 2020.
Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire day bunting was purchased to give neighbourhoods a splash of colour and promoted wellbeing activities. Bunting was placed in areas where due to age and vulnerability people may not have got out as much as they would have liked.