Dinnington Miners Welfare Recreation Ground

Property name/number
Dinnington Miners Welfare Recreation Ground
Property address
Lodge Lane, Dinnington, Sheffield
Property area
Identification plan
Available on request
Property owner freeholder or leaseholder
Property owner private or public
Rationale for listing
The nomination application was previously assessed and placed on the successful register as an asset of community value on 27/03/2014. Following an objection to the successful listing by the property owners an internal review of this decision was undertaken by an Appeals Adjudicator who did not take part in the original decision to list. A determination on the objection to the listing considered all the evidence provided with the completion of the Objection Evaluation Criteria Form. After an assessment of the evidence provided a decision was made to overturn the original successful decision. Accordingly, the asset will now be removed from the successful register and placed on the unsuccessful register for a period of 5 year from the date Cabinet approval to this decision was granted (6 August 2014).
Date nomination listed
Date nomination listing expires