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NameBarnardo's Rotherham Young Carer's Service
Who are youThe service provides support to children and young people who give care to someone in their family, usually a parent, grandparent, sibling, or someone very close to them. The person they care for will have a serious or long term illness, disability, mental health difficulties or problematic use of alcohol or drugs.

The service has an inclusive approach; supporting the family has a whole and working in partnership with other agencies. Our aim is to reduce any negative impact of the caring role on children and young people and build on the positive strengths within families, increasing resilience and making a long term difference.

Time limited, solution focused support which includes an individual support plan, specifically tailored to each child/young persons needs as a young carer.  This can include:

  • One to one support
  • Issue based group work around confidence/self esteem, anger management/stress relaxation, keeping safe, bullying, health/hygiene and first aid training
  • Access to activities during half term whilst with the service
  • Support to aid social inclusion
  • Training and advice to other services and schools in contact with young carers
  • A young carers card to give recognition to young carers in school/college, to ensure they receive the appropriate support to enable them to achieve and have the same opportunities as their peers
Where and how accessedSupport is borough wide and can be accessed through the referral process.

Referrals are made through school, health, social care, voluntary organisations and self referrals are also accepted. The referral document can be obtained by contacting the service.
Age range8 to 18 years (up to 19th birthday)
Service type

Available to any child or young person whose caring role has a negative impact on them physically or emotionally.

Opening timesMonday to Friday
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Visit the Barnardo's website

Email the Rotherham Young Carers Service

Call the Rotherham Young Carers Service on 01709 377157

Call the Rotherham Young Carers Service on 07542 115122

10 Nightingale Court
S60 2AB

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