About My Front Door

The My Front Door project is part of Rotherham Council’s plan to transform the learning and disability services in Rotherham. Through the project, we are providing support to adults with learning disabilities and autism to live a full and rich life, rather than solely accessing traditional day care services.

Across all of society we are seeing people’s aspirations and needs changing and becoming more diverse. People with a learning disability have been telling people who commission and provide services that they want the same quality of life as anyone else; that they have the same dreams and wishes as other people, and that they want the same chance as anyone else of being able to realise these dreams. They want access to employment, jobs, leisure time, friendships and to travel as independently as possible around the borough.

In 2015 we undertook a review of our services for people with learning disabilities. The review is integral to the Council’s overall vision for transforming social care and builds on the principles of the Care Act 2014 and the need to move away from traditional large building based support, which is in line with government policy and good practice.

The My Front Door project ensures:

  • We are moving away from traditional building based or institutional form of support and focusing on support which is personalised, flexible and meets people’s individual needs.
  • Each person with a learning disability has a reassessment / review, based on a person centred approach, which informs the support and services we need to provide to meet their individual needs.
  • More people with a learning disability will be in paid work or volunteering opportunities alongside the rest of the community.
  • We will be more diverse so all people with a learning disability in Rotherham, whatever their age, background, or level of need, will have more choice in their support.

What available alternatives are there to the current Council day centres?

All people will have the opportunity to make sure each day in their life is meaningful, of value and leads to them having a ‘good day’. Doing things which have a purpose, being in ordinary places doing things most other people in the community would be doing, doing things that are for the individual, making sure they receive the right amount of support and are in touch with local people, developing friendships.

There is a mix of opportunities for people who meet a variety of needs and we will continue to work with new providers and existing staff to encourage a rich offer for the people of Rotherham. Community Catalysts are working with a range of community enterprises which are providing people with a learning disability the opportunity to try alternative activities within the community. This has proved very successful and the new exciting activities continue to grow in Rotherham.

Community Catalysts are now also starting the next part of their project called ‘People Can’ in which they are working with people with a learning disability to take a leading role in setting up their own group, running an activity or sharing their passion.

For more information please contact Harry Clarkson - [email protected]