Neighbourhood Planning Referendums

A neighbourhood plan gives a community more say in the future development of their area. It is a planning document, created by local people to help guide and shape development in the local area.

More information about neighbourhood plans visit the Neighbourhood Plan page.

Once a plan has approval from the Local Planning Authority, it will then proceed to a referendum.

If the plan receives a ‘Yes’ from more than 50% of those voting, the plan will be brought into effect as soon as possible.

A person is entitled to vote in a neighbourhood planning referendum if on the date of the referendum:

  • He or she is entitled to vote in an election of any Councillor of Rotherham Metropolitan District Council whose area is in the Referendum area; and
  • His or her qualifying address for the election is in the Referendum area. A person’s qualifying address is, in relation to a person registered in the register of electors, the address in respect of which he or she is entitled to be so registered.

Dinnington Neighbourhood Planning Referendum

Following the independent examination of the Dinnington St John’s Neighbourhood Plan, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council has determined that the plan, as modified to incorporate the Examiner’s recommendations, should proceed to a referendum.

This referendum will take place on 6 May 2021.

In accordance with Neighbourhood Planning regulations, the referendum will ask voters within the neighbourhood plan area (Dinnington St John’s Parish) whether the Borough Council should use the neighbourhood plan to help it decide planning applications. If more than 50% of voters are in favour of the plan, the Council must bring it into force. This would mean that the Neighbourhood Plan becomes part of the statutory development plan for the area.

The following documents are available :

Further information on the Dinnington Neighbourhood Plan can be found on the Neighbourhood Plans page