Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Self-isolating due to COVID-19

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive for the virus, you must stay at home for 10 days.

Self-isolating protects others from catching COVID-19 because it means that people who have the virus are not passing it onto others who do not have the virus.

You may hear this being described as ‘breaking the cycle of transmission’. This simply means stopping the virus from spreading.


If you are self-isolating, that means you:

  • must not visit family or friends
  • must not go shopping or to the pharmacy
  • must not leave the house (unless going for a test or to get emergency medical help)
  • must not go to work
  • must not take your children to school, nursery or a child minder
  • must rearrange any routine health appointments at your GP, dentist, or hospital

If your child has symptoms, they must not go to school.

If you do not self-isolate when you have been told to by NHS Test and Trace, you could be fined by the Local Test and Trace service.

When do I need to self-isolate?

You must self-isolate if you:

  • Have tested positive for COVID-19 from either a rapid lateral flow test or a lab swab test (PCR test)
  • Have any symptoms of COVID-19, including:
    • new continuous cough
    • a high temperature
    • a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell
  • Live with someone who has tested positive or has any symptoms of COVID-19 and you have not been double vaccinated.

You must self-isolate for 10 days if any of these apply to you. If you live with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 and you start having symptoms, you must start your self-isolation from the day you started with symptoms, even if you have self-isolated before this.

If you have children and you test positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms, they can go to school, nursery or to a child minder. They are advised to get a PCR Test.

Further information is available at GOV.UK

What support is available?

If you're told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace or have tested positive, you may be eligible for the Government's Test and Trace Payment.

Further information about the payment scheme

For support including picking up medication and prescriptions or dog walking support, you can get in touch with the Rotherham Community Hub who will be offer you support and advice.

Further information about the Rotherham Community Hub