Responding to the Climate Emergency

The Council’s leadership role

  1. The Council has a key role to play as a place shaper and in leading the pace and scale of change needed. In addition to the action taken by the Council, its partners, suppliers and residents, the Council will also seek to influence national government and lobby for the resources and capacity needed to tackle climate change.
  2. The Council will continue to play an active role in the Sheffield City Region, contributing to the emissions targets that are being developed at a sub-regional level and using its influence to secure any appropriate investments. There are significant opportunities to contribute to the refresh of the strategic economic plan to ensure that sustainable development is reflected. Rather than viewing climate change and economic growth as competing agendas, the local authority can support opportunities for greater integration across sectors to support innovation driven growth, for example by promoting green business parks and encouraging green industries.
  3. In addition we will work with other local authorities and national and regional networks (including the Local Government Association, Solace and the New Local Government Network) to formulate our climate action proposals to inform national government policy.
  4. Crucially the Council, through its climate action, will promote the principles of sustainable development and benefits of carbon reduction. The Council will also link carbon action with wider priorities such as social value, the skills and employment strategy, neighbourhood working, inclusive growth and social justice.