Financial help for people affected by flooding

Financial help for businesses affected by floods

Government have announced two separate sources of assistance that will be available to those business owners significantly affected by the recent flooding events. The schemes for businesses are only available to small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s).

Schemes for business owners:

  • Business Recovery Grant – up to £2,500 per business
  • Business Rates Relief for a minimum of 3 months

Business Recovery Grant

These sources of assistance are only available to properties that meet set criteria, as detailed below:

Who is eligible?

Criteria for businesses:

The grant is up to £2,500 and paid direct to the business. Applicants must meet the following criteria;

  • Directly impacted by the weather event - for instance there was flood damage to the property, equipment, and/or stock;
  • Directly suffered a loss of trade due to restricted access to premises, equipment, and or stock. Also through reduced access for customers.
  • Only applies to SME’s.

Impact of flooding

Businesses that are based in the post code areas listed are likely to be affected and considered for the claim. Those businesses outside of these areas will require additional review to establish their eligibility.

If your postcode isn't listed below and your business was affected by the floods you can still submit claim.

S20 1AH S25 4JJ S25 4NZ S60 1BW S60 1DA
S60 1DE S60 1DF S60 1DS S60 1DX S60 1PQ
S60 1QG S60 1RP S60 1RU S60 1RZ S60 1SA
S60 1TG S60 1TU S60 2ER S60 5QZ S60 5SR
S60 1NG S60 1PQ S60 1RZ S61 4RL S62 6EA
S62 6EG S62 6JL S62 6LH S62 7TD S62 6DR
S62 6EA S63 5AB S63 6DQ S63 6PX S63 9JD
S64 5TF S64 5TG S64 8BG S64 5SQ S64 9JB
S65 1BL S65 1RF S65 4BS    

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Business Rates Relief

The Business Rates Relief scheme is now live, as the criteria for the relief is the same as the grant scheme, if you have successfully claimed the Business Recovery Grant we will contact you to award you that relief.