Online forms: Apply for a Council garage

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Please use this form if you wish to be added to our garage lettings waiting list. By completing and submitting this form, you are agreeing to the below terms of agreement.

Terms of agreement

  • The garage site/space rent is due each week and is payable in advance. Rent for garage plots (plots for construction of your own garage) is payable annually in advance
  • Payment can be made online, by telephone on 01709 336009, or by cheque or PayPoint
  • The council does not allow arrears to build up on any garage tenancy account. If payments are not made under the terms of the garage tenancy agreement, the garage tenancy will be terminated and the garage offered to the next person on the waiting list
  • Where the garage tenant is also a standard tenancy holder of a council property, all payments made in respect of rent to the council will be applied first in satisfaction of rent due on the council property, and any surplus applied to the garage tenancy rent
  • The garage site or garage plot/space shall not be used in connection with any trade or business without written permission from the council. It must not be used for storing any dangerous or flammable substances. The garage may be used for other purposes subject to the approval of the local housing office
  • Garage tenancies are allocated in date-order. Priority will be given to council house tenants
  • The garage or garage tenancy cannot be transferred over to anyone else. If you no longer require the garage a termination form should be completed at the local council office and the keys handed in accordingly
  • The garage tenancy agreement lists the responsibilities between the council and the tenant
  • The council cannot be held responsible for any items left inside the garage during or after the term of the tenancy. Any items left in the garage at the date of termination will be removed and any costs incurred by the council shall be charged to the tenant.