Online forms: Comment on a Planning Application

This form has 4 pages

Please use this form to comment on a current planning application.

Should you wish to view a current application online, this can be done using the Mapsearch facility.

Comments made against planning applications cannot be kept confidential as they form part of a public document and may be seen by anyone including the applicant.

Please note that comments made will be displayed on the Council website. Do not include any information which you do not consent to be made available but please be aware that the Council require a valid name and address to be submitted for your comments to be taken into consideration. 

Emails submitted for receipt purposes are not part of the form and will not be displayed.

Please note that planning applications are determined in a specific time frame and The Council will normally allow a 21 day public consultation period for comment. However, if comments are made after the publicity period expires, it may not be possible to take them into consideration.