Get Healthy Rotherham

Get Healthy Rotherham is a free service that helps the people of Rotherham to stop smoking, reduce their alcohol consumption, get more active, lose weight, and improve their overall health. We can also carry out an NHS Health Check to help you understand what changes you could make to help reduce the risk of you developing a health condition in the future.

Get Healthy Rotherham is commissioned by Rotherham Borough Council and provided by Parkwood Healthcare and its partner organisations.

Get Healthy Rotherham delivers the following:

  • Get Healthy Support
  • Losing Weight and Healthy Eating
  • Stopping Smoking
  • Getting More Active
  • Reducing Alcohol
  • NHS Health Check

Get Healthy Support

At Get Healthy Rotherham, we offer a number of support services to help you make healthy changes to your lifestyle. Once you have registered, you will be able to complete your own lifestyle assessment and see which services you are able to access.

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Losing Weight and Healthy Eating

Our Get Healthy Coaches and partner organisations, including Slimming World, will work with you to help you better understand how the food you eat impacts on your weight, and the best ways in which you can make healthy changes to your diet.

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Stopping Smoking

We are able to provide stop smoking advice and support online, in person and over the phone to suit your requirements. Our Get Healthy Coaches will offer you the support, motivation and expert advice that you need to stop smoking for good.

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Getting More Active

Your Get Healthy Coach will be able to recommend a range of tools, activities and services that can help you to become more active. They will also be able to support you through making small changes that will all add up to a long term increase in the amount of activity that you complete each week.

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Reducing Alcohol

Your Get Healthy Coach will be able to work with you to understand how much alcohol you drink and under which circumstances so that they can create a personal health plan that will allow you to take control of how much you drink. You will also be able to access free tools to help you make small changes that will all add up.

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More support:

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NHS Health Check

If you’re aged between 40 and 74 and you haven’t had a stroke or been diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes or kidney disease, then you should have an NHS Health Check every 5 years. RMBC has commissioned Get Healthy Rotherham to manage the NHS Health Check invitation process, as well as the delivery of the checks themselves.

If you register with Get Healthy Rotherham, you can see if you are eligible to have a NHS Health Check and arrange an appointment.

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More support

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