Rotherham Show 2022

Firebreather on Stage

We are really looking forward to welcoming you back to Rotherham's biggest cultural festival on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 September offering music, dance, food, art, performance and more!

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Absolutely loved it! We come every year but this year topped them all. Really, really well thought out

Person balancing silver ball on their head on stage
Musician on stage
Two escape artists in a box on top of scaffolding





We have been to the Rotherham Show today and it was AMAZING! Made some wonderful memories.

African Dancers on Stage
Goofy Minnie and Micky sat on a bench with charity buckets
Pre 1950 from Rotherham Car show during the Rotherham Show



Went to the show for the first time ever, it was huge, well organized over the whole park, so although there were plenty of people, one didn't feel crowded......will definitely visit again next year.

Mayor and Deputy mayor on stage at Rotherham Show




What a fantastic free day out, so much to see and do, and something literally for everyone..

Prize winning cabbage on display at Rotherham Show



It was great. Well organised. Good mix of activities, shows, stalls etc. Everything spaced out so everyone felt safe and comfortable...Well done and great to be back out enjoying events again.

Two people in Plaid dungarees outside tent at Rotherham Show
Strong person on top of wooden table pulling something apart
Gardener infront of his tent at Rotherham Show
Person with a stuffed toy animal
People on deckchairs at Rotherham Show