Ward Housing Hubs

An opportunity for tenants to work with the Council on issues that matter to them, including the quality of our services, our performance and how we can continue to improve.

Ward Housing Hubs are supported by an annual budget which is used to make improvements within neighbourhoods.

  • The Ward Housing Hubs at ward level will continue to shape the delivery of Council housing services and enable greater coordination of ward based budget.
  • Projects delivered by the Hubs support both community and Council objectives, such as creating safe, clean and attractive neighbourhoods and align with the Housing Services’ general housing and estate management functions.
  • Responding to ward based performance information in relation to housing and estate management issues.
  • A hub to discuss and consult upon any changes to services.

How to get involved

Get involved in your local area and have your say to help shape your community. Together we can develop and improve our services for all our customers. From helping to shape our housing policies and services to where we spend our money, you can have a say on what happens. By getting involved you will:

• Make a real difference to the place you live
• Get access to training and support with getting involved
• Build your confidence, meet new people, and make new friends
• Gain new and valuable skills that can help you in your personal development
• Increase your wellbeing
• Have a say on how our money is spent on your estates and how we develop and improve our housing services and policies to meet your needs

Due to the current pandemic, we are exploring new and modern ways of engaging our tenants. We would like to start some virtual Ward Housing Hub meetings in some of the wards to reach out to a larger audience. If you are interested in taking part in the meetings so you can voice your opinions and make a difference for your community, please register your interest by completing the form below

Register your Interest

How to apply

You can apply by completing a project proposal form below.

Ward Housing Hub suggestion form

If you require any support completing this form then please contact your local Housing or Neighbourhood team.

Email: customerinvolvement@rotherham.gov.uk

Map of Rotherham Wards

You can also click on the map below to find useful information from your neighbourhood including details of your ward councillors, your ward plan outlining priorities to improve your area, and latest news or it can be viewed on the Neighbourhoods page