Types of housing available

Private rented

Private rented homes can offer lots of different types and sizes homes in Rotherham. It can be quicker to get a home that is rented privately as there are no waiting lists.  

You can find a private rented home by looking on the internet and searching for 'private landlords' or 'letting agents in Rotherham'. You could also visit a local letting agent for more information and homes to rent.  

There are also other web sites that may help you to find a home to rent:

Open Rent 
Spare Room

Help with a bond or deposit

If you're homeless or threatened with homelessness we may be able to help you with a bond or deposit. This can be done by giving you a low interest loan. You can ask about this by filling in our online form or calling us on 01709 336009

Council housing

We have around 18,800 council homes iin Rotherham.  Keychoices manage the council house register or 'waiting list' and rent out homes through a choice-based letting scheme.  

 Rotherham Council is responsible for collecting rents, repairs and maintenance to council homes and giving guidance and support to people needing help to manage their tenancy.  

You can find out more about applying for a council house and the housing register.  

Housing associations

There are homes to rent from housing associations (registered providers). You can find out more about these housing associations and how to get on their housing register. 

You can approach individual housing associations directly and apply to join their waiting list.

Some housing associations advertise through the council’s choice based letting scheme and Keychoices will provide nominations to housing associations for some available properties. If you join the council housing waiting list you will be able to bid for available hosing association properties advertised through the scheme.

Supported accommodation and support in your home

There are a number of services that deliver support and accommodation including short stay assessment units, supported accommodation and support offered to you in your home (floating support).

Supported accommodation

The aim of supported accommodation is to provide you with short to medium term accommodation that provides access to support and advice when you need it. The purpose is to help you become more independent and develop the skills needed to live and manage in your own home. If you would like more information about this please fill in our online form.

Floating support

'Floating support' is a community-based support service which helps people with a range of needs to help manage their tenancy and prevent homelessness. If you would like more information about this please fill in our online form.

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Shared ownership and other low cost home ownership

If you're working but can't afford to buy a home or don't have a deposit saved, there are other options available to help you to own your own home. You can find out more information at Help to Buy.