A guide to Elective Home Education (EHE)

  1. A guide to Elective Home Education (EHE)
  2. The legal position on Elective Home Education
  3. Making sure your child receives an education
  4. Taking your child out of school (You are here)
  5. Home education and special educational needs
  6. Working with the Council
  7. Ceasing Elective Home Education for your child
  8. Elective Home Education support

Taking your child out of school

If your child is already registered at a school but you want to start educating them at home, you should write to the head teacher about this. The head teacher is then responsible for removing your child from the school roll and informing the Council.

Additional procedures may apply if your child is already under a School Attendance Order.

Once your child is removed from the school roll, it may not be possible for them to return to the same school - for example, if you change your mind about educating your child at home. This is because their place may have been given to another child.

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