Rother Vale Ward Action Plan

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The Rother Vale Ward Plan is intended to set out the beginning of a process; putting communities at the heart of everything we do.

A fresh start

After a review in 2016, the Council adopted a new council wide policy and approach to Neighbourhood Working with three main principles:

  • Councillors working with their communities on what matters to them
  • Listening and working together to make a difference
  • Supporting people from different backgrounds to get on well together

What does this mean for Rother Vale?

This Action Plan and Place Profile, is about our vision for documenting the issues affecting Rother Vale and the actions required to address them, drawing upon the assets – people and places – who could help us.

Who are we?

Rother Vale has three Ward Councillors and improving the lives for local communities’ matters to us

What will we do?

Our intention over the coming year is to continue bringing people together to resolve issues and ensure we are doing the right things.

We are committed to working with partners to improve local neighbourhoods. Our aspiration as your local councillors is to provide leadership to all partners in the public, private, voluntary, community and faith sectors to achieve this, speaking out for your needs. We will engage with local community groups to hear what they feel the local priorities should be and how they can contribute to addressing them to create cohesive, attractive, prosperous neighbourhoods.

This ward plan is linked to the Council’s Corporate Plan and the Rotherham Together Partnership Plan. The Corporate Plan priorities are:

  • Every child making the best start in life
  • Every adult secure, responsible and empowered
  • A strong community in a clean, safe environment
  • Extending opportunity, prosperity and planning for the future

The Rotherham Together Partnership Plan focus is on ‘Building Stronger Communities’. We want our communities to meet the diverse needs of all residents and for our neighbourhoods to be places people want to live in, work in and belong to.

The document will be regularly updated and available on-line. Every three months a monitoring report will be submitted to the Council Cabinet member for Neighbourhood Working and Cultural Services, as well as to the wider Council. This way we can develop the vision and aims in an incremental way, ensuring that we get our engagement and delivery right.

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