Rotherham East Ward Action Plan

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Welcome to the first Rotherham East Ward Action Plan.

The Council is producing an Action Plan for each of its 21 Wards. The content of these Plans will be shaped by your local Councillors and will reflect some data and their discussions with you too – both as individuals and as community groups – and identify what the priorities are for your Ward.

Rotherham East has three Ward Councillors. We’re keen to see things get done in Rotherham East and we want to make sure that we do what we all agree is necessary and that we do it together.

So how will we do this? Well, we hold our regular surgeries the details of which are in this Plan. We also meet with community groups. Recently, we held a community drop in in Eastwood Village which was welcomed by everyone present. Before that we ran a session at St James Church. We will be doing more of these types of events.

The Plan shows that there are challenges in our ward we need to focus on BUT

  • It’s really important to us that we celebrate the diversity in our ward and that people from different backgrounds get on well together to build community spirit. Talking to people from different backgrounds confirms to us that many want the same things in relation to a good quality of life for themselves and their family

  • We have fantastic schools and other providers who are working so hard for the benefit of children and families

  • We have police and Council staff working well together to address concerns in terms of crime and antisocial behaviour

  • We are fortunate to have excellent voluntary / community sector groups who are already doing so much work and who we will work with - That is vital because the Council’s Vision is that we put communities at the heart of everything we do.

This document is available on line and will be updated regularly. We will have to submit quarterly monitoring reports to the Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member and an annual report to Council so that everyone can see what we’re doing.

If you feel you’d like to get more involved in the community life of Rotherham East, please don’t hesitate to contact your Councillors or the Rotherham East Neighbourhood Development Officer.

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