Swinton Ward Action Plan

  1. Introduction
  2. Swinton Ward today
  3. Known and emerging issues
  4. Action Plan (You are here)
  5. Building Stronger Communities – People and Places
  6. Monitoring and engagement

Action Plan

Now that we have identified the known and emerging issues we need to decide how we are going to tackle them. The table below provides a starting point but must not be considered to be set in stone.

As progress is made or circumstances change, the issues that need tackling and our approach can be tailored accordingly.

Over the next 12 months we will:

  • Work towards a Dementia friendly community
  • Support the Rotherham Less Lonely agenda
  • Continue the provision of free dog fouling bags at Swinton Library
  • Continue to promote play provision / facilities
  • Continue to promote opportunities for sport and participation in sport
  • Undertake one community litter pick per month
  • Support opportunities to provide help with animal welfare
  • Help continue the tradition of the Woodman Christmas tree
  • Engagement with new emerging communities in the ward
  • Support community events
  • Promotion of citizenship / local democracy
  • Working with schools on road safety matters
  • Promotion of community facilities
  • Support the retention of community health services in Swinton
  • Celebrate the heritage of Swinton and Kilnhurst

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