Swinton Ward Action Plan

  1. Introduction
  2. Swinton Ward today
  3. Known and emerging issues
  4. Action Plan
  5. Building Stronger Communities – People and Places (You are here)
  6. Monitoring and engagement

Building Stronger Communities – People and Places

We made clear that getting things done will require the support and help of others, and we are fortunate in Swinton to have a range of assets – people and places – where we will meet and with whom we will work. Some of them are listed below, there will doubtless be others who we will add.

Community Individuals/groups Institution Buildings
  • Swinton Sports and Health Group
  • Swinton Community Sports Ground Trust
  • Charles Street Social Club
  • Wentworth North Area Housing Panel
  • Swinton Civic Hall
  • Swinton Library

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