How the Council works

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Chief Executive

The Chief Executive is the head of the officers and is responsible for implementing the Council’s policies. The Chief Executive also manages the day to day running of the Council and its services.

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Assistant Chief Executive

The Assistant Chief Executive reports to the Chief Executive. They work with officers and councillors to transform the Council.

The focus is on corporate services in the Council which are:

  • Communications and Marketing
  • Democratic Services (including Scrutiny)
  • Human Resources
  • Performance, Intelligence and Improvement

Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team is led by the Chief Executive of the Council and includes four Strategic Directors.

The Council is divided up into four departments known as Directorates:

  • Finance and Customer Services
  • Regeneration and Environment
  • Adult Care, Housing and Public Health
  • Children and Young People’s Services

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All published salary information for senior Council staff is available to view and download.

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