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About the mobile library service

This consultation is now closed

Rotherham Libraries are reviewing the Mobile Library Service and are considering whether this service should be withdrawn. If the service is ended, customers using the Mobile Library will have to access Library Services in different ways.

Rotherham’s Mobile Library provides a public Library Service in areas where there are no Community Libraries. It currently visits 14 locations across the borough and makes 19 stops across these locations for between 30 and 75 minutes.

The mobile vehicle visits the following locations in Rotherham:

  • Catcliffe
  • Harley
  • Harthill
  • Firbeck
  • Kilnhurst
  • Kimberworth Park
  • Ravenfield
  • Thrybergh
  • Todwick
  • Treeton
  • Wentworth
  • Whiston
  • Woodhouse Mill
  • Woodsetts

The mobile library service costs £81,128 per annum to run. Between April 2015 and January 2016, each visit to the mobile library cost the authority £34.56.

Who uses the Mobile Library Service

355 customers use the mobile library. 138 customers used only the mobile library to access the library service during April 2015 and January 2016. 197 customers visited one of our 15 community libraries, as well as using the mobile service. 1,956 individual visits were made to the mobile library over this period. 

Why are we reviewing the Service

The Government is reducing its funding for Council Services. Rotherham Council has to reduce its budget by a further £48.1m by 2018/2019. We must ensure that all our services are economical and efficient and give maximum value for everyone.

The Mobile Library vehicle is reaching the end of its operational life and the Council needs to make a decision about its future replacement

We wish to consult users and the general public on the provision of new services which could replace those provided by the mobile library, and the impact that the proposal may have.

What other Library Services are available

Rotherham Libraries offer the following services:

  • There are 15 Community Libraries that are available to everybody and free to use
  • A home delivery service called Book Link, which supports customers who cannot get to a Community or Mobile Library. The home delivery service will help you to choose books and will deliver them to your home
  • A downloadable audio book, e-book and e magazine service, which is free to use and does not require a visit to either a branch library or a mobile library
  • A reservation and collect service, accessed via our online library catalogue

What additional Services are proposed

In addition to the services above, we may be able to develop deposit collections in locations where the Mobile Library currently stops, if there is sufficient demand and interest.

Deposit collections are a supply of books which can be placed in convenient locations within the community and where books can be borrowed for free. These locations could also be used as reservation and delivery points for books which are chosen online.

Rotherham Libraries will supply books, training, advice and support to volunteers who may wish to support deposit collection points.

We may be able to work in partnership with community transport services, who could bring residents to one of our 15 libraries, if there is sufficient demand and interest in this service.

Also, we may also be able to provide e-readers for loan, meaning that books could be borrowed for a longer period of time, without taking up lots of space. We would provide support for customers who needed help to use eReaders for the first time.

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