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About the Book Link service

This consultation is now closed

Rotherham Libraries are reviewing the Book Link Service and are considering making changes to how the service is delivered.

We are proposing to change the type of vehicles we use to deliver the Book Link Service. If we do this, it will mean that Book Link customers will be unable to walk onto the vehicle to choose their books.

We’re proposing an alternative service which would mean that customers (or our Book Link staff, if customers prefer) choose their books from our library catalogue and our Book Link staff will deliver the books to their homes each month.

We are also proposing to extend the eligibility criteria for the Book Link service, to all people who would have significant difficultly accessing one of our 15 libraries.

Rotherham’s Book Link service provides Library Services for people who are in sheltered accommodation, care homes or nursing homes. We provide a smaller walk-on mobile library service and a home delivery service for people who are unable to access one of our 15 libraries because they have a disability.

Why are we reviewing the service

The Government is reducing its funding for Council Services. Rotherham Council has to reduce its budget by a further £48.1m by 2018/2019. We must therefore ensure that all our services are economical and efficient and give maximum value for everyone.

We believe that we can reduce the number of vehicles that are used in the Library Service and reduce our costs.

We are consulting with users and the general public on the provision of an alternative service offer and understand the impact that this proposal may have.

What other library services are available

  • There are 15 Community Libraries that are available to everybody and free to use
  • Downloadable eAudio, eBook and eMagazine service, which is free to use and does not require a visit to either a Community Library or a Mobile Library
  • A reservation and collect service, accessed via our online library catalogue

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