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How it will work

The proposed Allotments Alliance would be run by and for allotment gardeners.

The Council will lease all its sites to a new community benefit society called Rotherham Allotment Alliance (Ltd). The new society will be able to raise income from rents, as the Council currently does, but will also be better placed to attract funding that the Council is unable to access currently. All income generated will only be able to be used for the benefit of allotments and their tenants.

Where sites are already managed by an allotment society, then the same society will be able to continue to operate as it does currently. The only difference will be that the Alliance will become landlord rather than the Council.

Every plot-holder will become a member of the Alliance and will own a share in the new company. This will allow them to influence key decisions the Alliance makes that affect the way allotments across the borough are managed and developed.

The Alliance will have a board of directors who will manage its affairs on behalf of members. All members will be able to stand for election as directors, and can vote in these elections.

It is hoped that all allotment sites currently owned by the Council will continue to be managed either directly under an existing society or will eventually form a new society or amalgamate with a larger site so that some societies may run more than one site within the same community. Those sites without a society will be managed directly by the Alliance.

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