Get repairs to your home

  1. Request a repair
  2. Emergency repairs (You are here)
  3. If you suspect a gas leak
  4. Repairs that are your own responsibility
  5. Damage caused by vandalism

Emergency repairs

If the repair is an emergency, the work will be ordered immediately.

  • A flood
  • Anything that is a risk to your health and safety or to the property
  • Complete loss of power
  • Complete loss of heating and hot water
  • A minor leak from a domestic pipe, if the leak is causing damage to the property or your belongings
  • Blocked toilet, where there is no other working toilet in the property
  • Broken downstairs window


  • 4 Hour response for repairs that are a risk to Life or Limb
  • Or at end of next day priority as an urgent job
  • Try and remain a the property to let the technicians in

Call 01709 336009 for emergency repairs

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