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  2. Emergency repairs
  3. If you suspect a gas leak (You are here)
  4. Repairs that are your own responsibility
  5. Damage caused by vandalism

If you suspect a gas leak

If you suspect a gas leak in the first instance you must call national grid.

Call National Grid, 0800111999

National Grid will attend within 1 hour to ensure your safety. Please follow the advice below if you believe you can smell or suspect gas or fumes.

Open your window and doors to let air in, make sure all gas appliances are turned off and turn off the gas at the mains if possible.

Do not turn any lights on or off and avoid using any other electrical switches or appliances as this could trigger an explosion.

Do not smoke, light a match or any other naked flame.

Do not try and investigate a problem or attempt to fix a leak or a faulty appliance.

Once National Grid have attended to the problem and made the situation safe please call us to complete the  repair if needed.

Call to request a repair, 01709 336009

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