Get repairs to your home

  1. Request a repair
  2. Emergency repairs
  3. If you suspect a gas leak
  4. Repairs that are your own responsibility (You are here)
  5. Damage caused by vandalism

Repairs that are your own responsibility

In some cases the council will provide a quote for the repair. If you are happy with this you can ask us to do the work.

You can also make your own arrangements for the work to be done by an reliable independent company. We will need to check this work to make sure that it meets quality and safety standards. There is a charge for these inspections.

If you ask us to do the work you must first complete an acceptance form, which gives us the repair details and cost.

The job will not be booked until payment has been made. 

Call 01709 336009 to request an acceptance form

Read more about tenant responsibility for repairs

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