A guide to fostering

  1. A guide to fostering
  2. Skills and qualities we look for
  3. Short term care (You are here)
  4. Long term care
  5. Support care
  6. Remand care
  7. Short breaks
  8. Day fostering
  9. Mockingbird Family Model
  10. Our priorities and achievements

Short term care

Also known as task-centred care because the placement will continue until a specific task is complete. This could be getting a child ready to move on to adopters, rehabilitating them back home to parents or caring for a child whilst extended family are being assessed to care for them.

Children may be placed in short-term foster care for a number of reasons. We may need to place a child with you whilst we draw up a longer-term plan for their upbringing or carry out a period of assessments. Wherever possible, we aim to return the child to their own family within three months, but sometimes this just can't be done. In some cases, children in short-term care need to be looked after for up to two years and it's important that you help them to maintain links with their family during this time.

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