A guide to fostering

  1. A guide to fostering
  2. Skills and qualities we look for
  3. Short term care
  4. Long term care
  5. Support care (You are here)
  6. Remand care
  7. Short breaks
  8. Day fostering
  9. Mockingbird Family Model
  10. Our priorities and achievements

Support care

Support care can be used for families who are in crisis, and need some help to avoid a family breakdown and the children being brought into the care system. It can be for a day, a weekend or even longer.

It is also a valuable resource for our mainstream, short-term foster carers to let them to have a well-earned break every now and then. It may also be that a short-term foster carer has a holiday planned or may be in need of medical attention. Whatever the circumstances, our support carers are well-used in Rotherham as they help support carers who have full-time placements.

Sometimes, our established foster carers are linked with support carers to help them care for a child together in a mutually supportive way.

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