The fostering process

  1. The fostering process
  2. Referral
  3. Initial visit
  4. Skills training
  5. Your application
  6. Home study and assessment
  7. Fostering panel (You are here)
  8. Being a foster carer

Fostering panel

Everything you've told us will be put together into a single report to be put forward to the fostering panel. You'll have the opportunity to see the report (apart from any references, unless we have permission to share these with you) and make your own comments.

Then we'll present the report to the fostering panel, a group of people who are independent of Rotherham's Fostering Service but who have great experience and knowledge of fostering. You will be invited and are welcome to attend the meeting with your recruitment worker. The panel then makes the recommendation on the basis of this information.

The panel recommendation is considered by the agency decision maker, who will look at the report and the minutes from the panel. We will tell you their decision as soon as possible. You will also be informed in writing about the agency decision.

Once approved, you are then registered as a foster carer for Rotherham Borough Council. Your fostering worker will visit you regularly and help match your skills and family circumstances with children who need to be fostered.

Once you have a child in your care, your worker will keep in touch with the child's social worker and other professionals involved. They will make sure that you get all the help you need to provide a stable, safe and caring environment for the child placed in your home.

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