Support and training for foster carers

  1. Support and training for foster carers
  2. Ongoing support
  3. The support team (You are here)
  4. Support from other foster carers
  5. Financial support
  6. Get help for a fostered or adopted child
  7. Further support

The support team

When you become a foster carer, your contact won't just be with the Fostering Team - you'll have the support, advice and guidance of a wider looked after children team, including:

  • Your own fostering social worker
  • Your foster child/children's social worker
  • The Get Real Team (looked after children's education support)
  • The Looked After and Adopted Children's Emotional Support Team
  • The looked after children nurse
  • The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service - including Support, Therapy, Education and Prevention Services and Chatham House Child and Family Service
  • Your foster child/children's school and their designated looked after children teacher and governor
  • The Children's Rights Service
  • The Action for Children Rotherham Bridges Project (providing support to children and young people leaving care)

Call the Fostering team on 01709 823976

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