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  1. Home adaptations and equipment
  2. Minor Fixings (You are here)
  3. Minor Adaptations
  4. Major Adaptations
  5. Arranging an assessment
  6. How we assess your needs
  7. Costs of adaptations

Minor Fixings

These include:

  • Grab rails
  • Key safes
  • Wooden stair rails
  • Bed and chair raisers

These adaptions:

  • are under £1000 in value
  • require no financial assessment
  • should be completed within 7 working days from the date of order with the contractor
  • customers can personally request 2 minor fixings at one time through the contact centre
  • when there are requests for more than 2 items at once, an Occupational Therapist will need to complete the appropriate assessment form and send the request through to the appropriate contractor.

Further information is available in our Aids & Adaptations Policy.

Download the policy

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