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Asylum seekers in Rotherham

In September 2009 the Home Office reported that 290 asylum seekers were living in Barnsley, 555 in Sheffield, 295 in Doncaster and 415 in Rotherham.

They are all living in houses contracted to the Home Office.

The Home Office pays for all the housing costs for these asylum seekers.

There are 3 agencies providing accommodation. These are the Local Authority; and 2 private companies, Priority Properties North West Limited and United Properties Management.

Asylum seekers are living in about 250 houses, which they must leave when their case is decided. The houses are simply furnished, and basically equipped.

There are 107,000 houses in Rotherham, of which 3,881 (mainly private properties) are empty.

37 council properties (0.002% of council stock) out of a total stock of 21,000 are being used for asylum seekers.

There is a government funded dedicated GP service for all asylum seekers.

Asylum seeker school children are supported when integrating into ordinary schools.

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