What you must provide to support your benefit claim

  1. What you must provide to support your benefit claim (You are here)
  2. Sending your proofs
  3. Time limits for providing proofs
  4. Proof of identity
  5. Proof of National Insurance number
  6. Proof of savings and investments
  7. Proof of earnings
  8. Proof of child maintenance
  9. Proof of other income
  10. Proof of rent
  11. Proof of childcare costs
  12. Proof of student status
  13. Proof of children who live with you
  14. Proofs for other people who live with you
  15. Problems uploading your proofs

To work out your entitlement, we will need to see proof of financial circumstances for you and anyone who lives with you. This includes:

  • Earnings, including from self-employment
  • Other income, such as penions and state benefits
  • Savings and investments

You must also provide proof of identity for you and your partner, if you have one.

If you pay rent to anyone other than the Council, you must also provide proof of this.

If you don't have all your proofs

You don't have to provide all the proofs we will need at the same time as you make your claim. But please provide as much as you can so we can start to work out your entitlement.

You have up to one month to send us anything that you can't provide when you make your claim. We will also contact you if we have any questions, or if we need you to provide anything else.

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