A guide to Housing Benefit

  1. A guide to Housing Benefit
  2. Types of accommodation eligible (You are here)
  3. How much you will get
  4. How the amount you get is calculated
  5. How housing benefit is paid
  6. Claim housing benefit
  7. Sharing information about your claim

Types of accommodation eligible

Types of accommodation considered eligible for Housing Benefit are:

  • council houses
  • privately rented accommodation from private landlords or housing associations
  • hostels Hotels/Guest Houses
  • other accommodation such as mooring charges, for a boat and site rental for a caravan

Housing Benefit cannot be paid if you:

  • have savings or capital of £16,000 or more (some Pension Credit Guarantee Credit claimants with capital over £16,000 may still apply)
  • are buying your own home (although help towards mortgage payments may be granted by the Department for Work and Pensions)
  • live in a nursing home or residential care home
  • are crown tenants renting from the crown or government departments
  • live in the same house as a close relative
  • are a full time student in higher education

Or unless you are:

  • looking after a child or young person who is a member of your household
  • aged 60 or over
  • disabled
  • receiving Income Support or income based Job Seekers Allowance
  • aged under 19 in further education but not higher education
  • have a partner who is not a student

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