A guide to Housing Benefit

  1. A guide to Housing Benefit
  2. Types of accommodation eligible
  3. How much you will get (You are here)
  4. How the amount you get is calculated
  5. How housing benefit is paid
  6. Claim housing benefit
  7. Sharing information about your claim

How much you will get

To work out your Housing Benefit entitlement we will look at:

  • Your weekly income, which is the money that you and your partner have coming in. This includes such things as earnings, any benefits you receive, tax credits, pension credits, private pensions and occupational pensions, maintenance and income protection plans
  • Any savings and capital that you and your partner have
  • Your circumstances, such as you and your partners age, any dependant children who live with you, whether you or any member of your family is disabled and whether there is anyone who lives with you who could help with the rent

The amount of rent that is used to calculate your housing benefit will not always be the rent you are charged. It will depend on who you rent your property from.

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