A guide to street naming and numbering

  1. A guide to street naming and numbering
  2. Naming a property or street (You are here)
  3. Street renaming and renumbering
  4. Charges for property addressing and street naming services

Naming a property or street

If you wish to name or rename your property, or name a new street, you will need to send in the street naming and property addressing form. All requests should be accompanied by a location plan, especially if the property/street is located in a rural area.

If you don’t let us know it could cause problems for other residents, delivery services and emergency services. You should check your area to make sure there is no duplication with the preferred house name.

If a new street name(s) is proposed we will contact your local ward councillors and parish council to obtain their views and local knowledge. We will then consult the Royal Mail.

Apply for street naming or property numbering

It is the responsibility of the property owner to inform their personal contacts, public utilities energy and water providers, banks and other interested parties.

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