A guide to attending child protection conferences

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A child protection conference is a meeting of different agencies to share information about you and your family and to discuss your child’s safety and protection. The meeting is arranged following a child protection investigation, or where there are some serious concerns about any child in your care.

There are two types of conference - initial and review. The meeting will be attended by people from many different organisations - all which are involved with your case - such as social workers, the police, health visitors and teachers. These should be people who you already know.

This can be a worrying time but you should have had a chance to discuss with your social worker what is likely to be said at the conference. The conference chairperson will also meet you and your family on your own before the conference starts - to let you know who will be there, what will happen during the meeting and let you share your thoughts and feelings about the case conference process on that day.

The conference will consider all the children in your care. You will be listened to and we will discuss why this meeting has been arranged, how to keep your child safe and whether help is needed to look after you, your child or your family.

The meetings are normally held at Riverside House in Rotherham town centre but can sometimes be held at a venue near to your home.

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