A guide to attending child protection conferences

  1. A guide to attending child protection conferences
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  3. Reviewing your child’s progress
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Decisions made at conferences

At the end of the conference the chairperson will go over the main points of what has been discussed so that everyone understands what needs to be done. The chairperson makes sure that everyone in the meeting has the chance to say what they think and to take part in the discussion. Notes of what is said at the conference will be taken by a minute taker.

The conference will decide if your child and family need support through a child in need plan, or a child protection plan if it is felt there is a child at risk.

The plan is for you and your family to work with professionals to set out what needs to be done to protect your child and promote their health and development.

Everyone involved in the conference will work with you and your family, but the professionals' main concern will always be the best interests of your child. Sometimes this may be different from what you as parents and carers think is best.

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